It all begins with a dot.

Whether you make a dot to mark the start of a journey, or put a cluster of dots together to create an image. It all begins with a dot:

Based in Canberra we specialise in graphic design, corporate branding, marketing strategy, website design and everything in between! We believe that what ever we do should add value to the world not take away from it!!!

Our aim is to effectively communicate for your business by making the message conveyed work smarter not harder, in turn improving the bottom line!

Our Team

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Manuel Galaktidis | Creative Director

Design came at an early age when Manny started arranging his blocks by colour... Manny holds a bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design & Marketing.

He is very easy going with a can do attitude, solving design problems makes him all warm and tingly.

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Taki Mitsopoulos | Graphic Designer

Taki is the newest member of the team. He answers to Took Took, Tiki, Trevor or hey you...

Aside form his creative talents, love of life and enthusiasm for design, he loves table tennis and would have gone pro if it wasn't for the old elbow injury the ended his run to the 1996 Olympic Games trial!

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Todd Gurney | Press Technician

Todd operates our big press he is also very shy and doesn't want us to write anything about him other wise he will probably blush.

Todd is also the resident chef, as he loves to stir the pot...

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Dave Winchester | Factory Manager

Dave has been in the print industry for over 15 years and can operate almost anything that can make a printed impression, folds, scores, cuts or perforates.

Anything else you need to know about Dave can be found on facebook...